Would you like to know the secret of resolving conflicts in the workplace without recourse to costly disciplinary process? Would you like to know how to identify the cause of unproductive behaviour both in your work colleagues and in yourself? Would you like a way to identify potential causes of workplace stress before it arises, enabling action to be taken to prevent it?

We can show you how to identify stress points before they arise and deal with them. We show you tools and resources to help you pick your team and avoid many of the flashpoint that could otherwise occur.

DiSCĀ® profiling

Based on the 1928 work of psychologist William Moulton Marston, DiSCĀ® is the original, oldest, most validated, reliable, personal assessment system, used by over 50 million others to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication. The DISC Personal Profile System is a personality test and behavioural testing profiling system using a 4 dimensional model of normal behaviour covering Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Take Steadiness (or Submission in the original work by Marston): People with High S styles scores want a steady pace, security, and don’t like sudden change. Those with Low S intensity scores are those who like change and variety. What do you think would happen if you employed a project manager with a high Steadiness score for your next business improvement? How about if you had them line managing a person with low Steadiness? Do you think that would help or hinder performance of your team?

People with low Steadiness scores are sometimes described as restless, demonstrative and eager; maybe they would be better as your change project manager. What do you think you could do armed with that sort of knowledge at the time you were recruiting?

Conflict Resolution

We can show you how to resolve workplace conflicts before they even occure, and deflect them if they do happen. We can show you how to avoid costly disciplinary investigations by timely intervention, and effectively dealing with disputes in the workplace.

We will show you how to identify early indicators of workplace stress, helping to reduce absence through sickness, reducing the risk of claims for personal injury through stress at work. You will be able to identify different learning styles so that your training can be tailored to deliver results for everyone.

You will have immediate benefits in all areas of your business, but especially:

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