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Thirty Day Challenge to save a Thousand Dollars

Have you ever read one one of those get rich quick postings and thought “Yeah! Right!” or “As if!”? Anyone it seems can write a blog, post a tweet or launch an ebook telling you how to make it overnight, without working. I for one do not easily subscribe to the idea of getting something for nothing, as it violates the first law of thermodynamics.

However, I came across a site which seems to have a different angle, and might just catch on. This is a 30-Day Challenge by Ramit Sethi, so everything should be able to be accomplished within 30 days. As he says in the introduction to the challenge “You can sit here and read every tip and feel good about yourself. But only the people who spend time implementing will save any money.” Now that sound like a good start.

The full list of tips is published on the blog posting Announcing the Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge, but the important difference from the usual savings scheme, is that you have to commit to doing it. Ok the language is distinctly American, and some of the tips might need a little rework, such as the US Gas hedge fund, but the principles are sound.

I rather like tip number 15, which is to have people over to your house instead of meeting at a bar or a restaurant. This contains an interesting excerpt on hosting people at your house from Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi, The youngest partner in Deloitte Consulting’s history and founder of the consulting company Ferrazzi Greenlight.

So what has this all to do with managing events, or being the most outstanding presenter you can be? Well the simple fact is that we love to save you money, and a good number of the tips included in this challenge are straight out of our play list. There is always something to be learned about getting value and making the most of your opportunities, and it really does not matter where the advice comes from. The important thing is the action you take when you learn each new lesson.

Click here to see Announcing the Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge

Ramit Sethi graduated from Stanford and co-founded PBwiki. He is the New York Times best-selling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

If you want to check out I Will Teach You to Be Rich or Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time both are available from Amazon

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Susan Boyle releases her first album I Dreamed A Dream

Most people will have heard of Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who came to international public attention on 11 April 2009, when she appeared as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. If you have heard her sing, you might be interested to know that her first album, I Dreamed A Dream, has been released today, and has already become Amazon’s best-selling album in pre-sales.

Its first single is a cover of the Jagger/Richards song “Wild Horses.” which she sang on a special guest spot of the X Factor yesterday. The album also includes “You’ll See,” “I Dreamed a Dream,” and “Cry Me a River.”

I Dreamed a Dream Track List

  1. Wild Horses
  2. I Dreamed A Dream
  3. Cry Me A River
  4. How Great Thou Art
  5. You’ll See
  6. Daydream Believer
  7. Up To The Mountain
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. Who I Was Born To Be
  10. Proud
  11. The End Of The World
  12. Silent Night

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Improve Your Presentation Skills for a Performance Difference

Have you ever watched an extraordinary presentation and wondered what made it so special? Have you ever wondered how some speakers or performers can utter a few sentences and have everyone hanging on their every word? Sometimes a presenter can make such a connection to the audience that you can feel the honesty in their message. How would you like to develop your presentation or performance skills to enable you to connect easily to your audience, and so make a difference to your performance?

Presentation skills are one of the most important skills you can hone to improve your performance and make difference to your results. These skills can benefit you in social settings, formal meetings such as the boardroom or on a public stage as a singer or stage misician. Whether you are talking to people to make them change their behavior in a supervisory setting or making a sales pitch to your customers, presentation skills are essential tools in your toolbox.

Good presenters are not necessarily born that way; the likelihood is that they have been well trained, and built up their skills over time. The simple truth is that the best presenters have had lots of practice presenting. If you want to improve your presentation skills then attending a Performance Training workshop will help you build up your skills.

We sometimes get asked about the benefits using a video camera to record presentations to aid practice. You can do this, but we advise caution, as a camera will not respond to you in the same way that a live audience will. Practice with a camera is of course essential if your chosen field will require a piece to camera. Otherwise practice to an audience, however small, and use a camera to record your performance for review later.

The top tips we give to presenters of all standards, in all jobs and vocations include the following advice:

  • Enroll in a professional training course. The environment of like-minded individuals gives you a safe environment to practice and learn good presentation habits.
  • Set Resource Anchors and fire them before you take the stage. This allows you to harness a peak emotional state, which you can invoke every time you present.
  • Take every opportunity to speak to an audience, in or out of work. The more you use your presentation skills, the easier you will find it.
  • Be hungry for feedback. Once you learn to take feedback it will help you to improve and grow as a presenter.

So what is your next step to becoming an incredible presenter? Contact Bruce Thompson Events now to make your Performance Difference

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Wharfedale Pro Titan 12A 300W 12 inch active PA speaker

Featured PA System: Wharfedale Pro Titan 12A 300W 12-inch active PA speaker

Wharfedale Pro Titan 12A 300W 12-inch active PA speaker
The Titan 12 Active features a state-of-the-art Class D low-frequency amplifier design. Class D amplifiers are known for their extended efficiency, low-heat dissipation and lightweight compared to other amplifier classifications. Class D technology allows for unparalleled audio quality in a lightweight, powered speaker system. High-frequency power is provided by a high-quality, low-distortion and highly efficient Class A/B amplifier.

The bottom of the Titan 12A provides a convenient, built-in polemount socket for easy mounting on a standard 35mm diameter speaker stand pole. An optional wall-mount bracket for installation is available.

The Titan 12A provides basic mixing functions with a variety of input options. Two inputs with separate level controls and a common equalisation section allow for overall balance and tonal characteristic control. Easy interfacing to external mixers and processors provide for easy expansion to larger, more sophisticated systems.

Wharfedale Pro Titan 12A 300W 12 inch active PA speaker (Black)

  • 2-way, active bi-amplified speaker system.
  • Custom 12-inch low-frequency driver and titanium high-frequency compression driver.
  • State-of-the-art, high-efficiency switch mode power supply with a Class D low-frequency power amplifier and a Class A/B high-frequency amplifier.
  • Low-frequency power (Class D) 250W RMS, 500W Peak.
  • High-frequency power (Class A/B) 50W RMS, 100W Peak.
  • Active signal limiting system with LED indicator on rear panel.
  • Built-in 2-channel mixer

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