This is the site for Bruce Thompson Events, a Bristol based company with a speciality in providing everything to make any event a spectacular success. We can provide anything from equipment to speakers and trainers. We provide complete event management, including sound systems, lighting, video projection, staging, DJ Equipment, sound engineers and other technical production services.

We also provide training for presenters and stage performers to enable them to captivate their audience and deliver amazing results. Our speakers and presenters are trained to the highest standard and are all certified NLP Master Practitioners who have reached their presentation and platform peak and are experienced presenters in their own right. We can show you the tricks and tips of master presenters which make them captivating and compelling to audiences both large and small. We will teach you the dynamic stage and platform skills to transform your fears and limitations into courage, confidence and ultimately success.

Even if you have no intention of becoming a trainer or presenter, we can still give you leading edge communication skills and leave you with more abilities, confidence and knowledge than you ever realised you could have. Most people attend our Presentation and Platform Performance course so that they can apply the teaching to be a truly charismatic, compelling communicator with a confident and commanding presence both on and off the stage!