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Accessories For Philips Conference Recording Kit

Following our review of the Philips Conference Kit 955 (LFH0955), back at the end of February, one of our customers wanted to know the range of the Philips Conference Microphones supplied with the set. We conducted some tests with the standard pair, plugged into the supplied Y cable and the results exceeded the claimed range of 2Meters (6.5 feet).

In practical tests in a room of 11 x 7 x 2.8 meters, we were able to record conversation down to a whisper with the microphones placed at maximum spread on a conference table of normal height. To push the equipment even further, we placed both microphones near to one end of the main room, to simulate a large boardroom with the PA/Operator sat at one end of the table, without using any extension cables. The microphones were able to record a whisper from the four corners of the room without difficulty.

Please note that these tests were conducted in an otherwise quiet room, with conversation between two individuals. The results may differ in a room full of people with a great deal of background noise. You should also note that the built in microphone on the Digital Pocket Memo supplied with the Philips Conference Kit 955 is disabled when the Y cable is attached, so for best results placement of the microphones should cover the whole conference area as indicated in the User Manual.

If you are considering extending the coverage of your Philips Conference Kit 955 (LFH0955) we have added links to some additional equipment which you may find useful.

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