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Have You Got An Alter Ego?

Personal Performance training
Some people believe that they only have one personality, and think that they have no power to change who they are. It can limit your potential if you believe that you are all you can ever be, and that you cannot change.

Do you know someone who is extremely competitive, and maybe excels at sport? Can you picture how difficult they would be to interact with if they maintained that personality in a social setting or with their family? How about a person who was shy and retiring? Does that mean that they can never stand up and challenge a wrong when they see it?

It can easily be demonstrated that you can have a different attitude depending on circumstances; you can be generous in one scenario and thrifty in another, or timid in one environment and bold when it counts. That means that that you have the ability to chose from a number of characters, and can pick the role to suit the circumstances.

Sometimes the way we act depends on the people we are with, and our state of mind. A negative state such as frustration or anger can lead to poor behavior, while a positive state of mind can be seen to promote productive action. However, it is mistake to take this as evidence that others determine our personality. We have a choice about how we react to the presence and behavior of other people, and can chose to be negative or positive, purely at will.

To take this a stage further, as all behavior is state dependant, to be the most productive we should be energetic and enthusiastic at all times, to maintain a positive state. To get the best out of our team we should keep their spirits high by giving them an example to follow. We should take the time to ensure that they are feeling positive and valued, and that they have a clear vision of what is required to achieve success. A happy crew is a productive crew, all other things being equal.

Take On a New Personality
If you want to get yourself into a productive and empowered state, there is a technique you can use to switch easily into the roll of an Alter Ego, and take on the new personality. One of the skills we teach on our Personal Performance training is to model someone who can successfully achieve the required behavior, and to take on their personality whenever it is appropriate.

We can show you how to achieve control of your own personal emotional state, and how to change the state of others. We will train you how to establish instant rapport, so that you can persuade and influence your team, your customers or your board of directors.

We will show you how to put your ideas across so that the picture you paint of your vision is crystal clear. We will teach you mastery of tone and voice so that your words resonate with your audience, and help you bring harmony to your team. We will show you how to cement the lessons in the physiology of your audience and allow them to feel the success or live the experience in order to learn it.
We achieve this through a series of explanations, guided exercises and demonstrations, interspaced with brainstorming sessions and feedback opportunities. Our methods address the four major learning styles, and all personality types.

Currently we have the following scheduled courses for Personal Performance

  • Introduction to Personal Performance (Half day introduction)
  • Personal Performance Basics (One day intensive)
  • Personal Performance Advanced (Two day course building on the basics)

For further information about the dates for these courses, or to find out more about our Personal Performance training please click on Contact Us and send us your details.