Platform Skills in Hong Kong

We have just completed a successful week in Hong Kong supporting Success Resources, Asia’s largest seminar company, who were promoting the Platform Skills Intensive from Christopher Howard Training. This amazing seminar takes you from wherever you are as a presenter and gives you the skills and techniques of some of the best presenters in the world.

While out there supporting Success Resources we made lots of new contacts from Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, and renewed friendships with crew from the USA. What a great way to meet people and give them to opportunity to change their lives for the better! Since arriving back in UK we have had so many friend requests on Facebook that the email in-box looks like it has been mail bombed!

If you think you might be interested in honing your platform skills, why not try our one day Presenters Introduction. This will give you some basic tools to boost your confidence when making your pitch, give that great presentation or help you nail your next job interview. Contact Bruce Thompson Events now for your Presenters Introduction

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