Back from Rich Heart Wealthy Minds

Great four days away in London crewing the Rich Heart Wealthy Minds seminar for Think Big Education. This used to be known as Design Your Destiny, and is all about finding your purpose in life. Everyone should have a clear idea about their Purpose, Vision and Mission, although many people do not. Lacking Purpose, Vision and Mission can lead to endless moving from job to job, or from one unsatisfactory situation to another. However once you know where you are going, you have the ability to move with purpose, and chose situations which advance you, rather than getting you away from the current mess.

This seminar is so successful and powerful that many attendees immediately book to come back again. I know several people who have attended three or more times and got new insights and motivations each time. It even helps you to define and shape your legacy for those who follow on behind. I defy anyone to attend the Rich Heart Wealthy Minds event and not be moved!

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